Hate Crime?

An interracial couple in Georgia are claiming that the assault they endured was a "hate crime." A woman and a man were walking down the street when several black men attacked a gentlement because he is white (or so the couple alleges). While the family has been adamant in declaring that the crime was hateful, police are still investigating.

Even if the crime was a hate crime, Georgia does not have any laws in place to prosecute defendants for such an allegation. On the contrary, California does have and enforces hate crime laws. In California, it is a felony to commit a crime for the pupose of "interfering with another's exercise of civil rights." It is also a felony to vandalize a place of worship or to use a destructive device or to commit arson in certain places.

Misdemeanor hate crimes include disorderly conduct during a religious service, use of force or threats to interfere with another's civil rights, unauthorized insertion of advertisements in newspapers, terrorism of an owner or occupant of a property.

Some enhancements allow for the death penalty or for life "without the possibility of parole." If the victim was intentionally killed for his race, religion or nationality, the death penalty or a life sentence can be imposed. If a victim was killed because of his/her sexual orientation, life without possibility of parole can be imposed.

If the circumstances surrounding the crime you were accused of could result in the crime being labeled a "hate crime" you should especially seek a criminal defense attorney's help immediately. Nobody should gamble with their life or happiness and one thing is sure: individuals convicted of a hate crime face extremely harsh consequences. With Los Angeles being a center for racial diversity and groups of individuals, it could be easy for your crime to be mislabeled as a hate crime. You cannot afford to take this chance- get Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP on your side today and secure the aggressive legal defense you are looking for!