Industrial Accident Leaves Employee with Burn Injuries

Shortly after 1:00 pm on Monday, January 10, an industrial accident occurred at an oil facility near the Ventura County – Santa Barbara County line. One employee suffered burn injuries as a result of the incident. Although initial reports had stated that the accident took place at the Phillips Petroleum facility, the oil facility was later identified as Pacific Operators Offshore on Pacific Coast Highway.

Officials from the Ventura County Fire Department (VCFD) have stated that the victim – a 56-year-old female employee –was working on a gasoline motor that was part of a piece of machinery at the facility. While she was working on the motor, gasoline had spilled and a fire was ignited. The employee experienced severe burns on her legs and was taken by ambulance to a nearby open area to be airlifted to Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura. A spokesman from VCFD stated that the victim will likely be transported to a burn center.

Industrial Accidents

Regardless of the industry, employees face a number of potential hazards and risks on the job. Workers in heavy industry such as the oil and gas sector, however, often face the greatest risks. As demonstrated by this accident, even minor incidents can result in serious injuries, especially when they involve explosions and fires. Should these industrial accidents have been caused by the negligence, error, or safety violation of an employer, injured workers may have a right to recover their damages through legal means.

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