Governor Jerry Brown States a California Crime Law Reformation is Crucial

On November 4, Governor Jerry Brown voiced his opinion, stating that California’s crime laws are excessive and that inmate behavior should influence the length of a prison sentence. During the forum, the Governor explained the fixed-length sentences he once approved nearly 30 years ago have caused an excessive saturation of long-stay offenders in California prisons.

In addition, Governor Brown insisted that parole boards, once again, should take partial charge of how long an inmates should be kept in imprisonment, stating that his decision to approve fixed-length sentences was only useful during that time due to concerns of arbitrariness and the racism of minorities within state prisons.

Although Governor Brown did not offer a direct solution to the problem as of now, he did tell members of the 9th Circuit federal courts that finding support to back a solution for this problem will be difficult, since many politicians fear they will be blamed for problematizing the safety of the public.

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