San Diego Bus Driver Fired Over Pot Brownies

This week, a San Diego bus driver has been fired for giving brownies containing marijuana to three other bus drivers who later felt impaired while driving. The three pulled over and called replacements as soon as they felt the drug's effects.

The 57-year-old offender was a bus driver for four years. While one of the formerly impaired bus drivers is back to work, the two others will undergo an administrative procedure that is required of any driver who has been found to have drugs in his/her system. The fired bus driver claims he did not know that the brownies were laced with marijuana- it has been reported that the brownies were baked by the employee's roommate.

The transit agency has determined that all of the drivers "acted appropriately" but its spokesman says it has not yet been determined whether any charges will be pressed or disciplinary action will be taken. This was not the first "pot brownie" story to make headlines in the past year- in 2011, three senior citizens were hospitalized after inadvertently consuming marijuana brownies at a friend's memorial service. Surprisingly, one Google search online and a host of "marijuana brownie recipes" pop up onto your browser.

Marijuana is one of the most commonly possessed drugs which has led to countless arrests in California over the past several years. The state has legalized the substance for certain medical uses, however. These stories go to show you that you can be found in possession of drugs or can test positive for drug use, without ever knowingly trying to possess or "smoke" a drug. Lessem & Newstat handles a wide range of drug defense cases including drug manufacturing, possession, distribution, cultivation and drug sales. If you were framed for a crime or if police illegally obtained evidence against you, the firm can help you fight these allegations!