Three Strikes Cases in Los Angeles

If you have a felony crime on your record and are now facing charges for an additional felony, you could be subjected to punishment under the three strikes law. The three strikes law was approved by California lawmakers in 1994 in an attempt to lessen the amount of felonies committed in California. It was also passed due to high recidivism rates. The downside to the law is that many individuals are harshly punished for crimes that some feel do not merit extreme penalties. The consequences for a charge that falls under the three strikes law can be life-altering. In order to find out how you can prevent serious penalties from being applied to you, speak with a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from the firm at your earliest convenience. Due to the fact that you could be made to face extremely harsh consequences under the three strikes law, it is in your best interests to speak with an attorney that can aggressively fight for your rights and liberty.

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