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Because driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a top concern for law enforcement and lawmakers, California takes a tough stance on prosecuting and penalizing offenders charged with multiple DUIs. If you have been charged with your second or third DUI in Los Angeles County or any other surrounding County, you should expect to face very serious penalties – including minimum terms of imprisonment.

During these difficult times, working with an experienced defense attorney can make all the difference in your case. At Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP, our Los Angeles DUI attorneys have decades of combined experience protecting the rights of clients charged with DUI, including clients who had previous DUI convictions. We know there is a lot on the line in these cases, and we fight aggressively at all stages to protect your rights, mitigate or eliminate the penalties you face, and protect your driving privileges.

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Understanding Multiple DUI Charges & Penalties

When prosecuting drivers for a multiple DUI, California law uses a 10-year lookback period. This means if you are arrested for a DUI and have 1 or even 2 prior DUI convictions within the past 10 years, you can face charges and penalties for your second or third DUI. Wet reckless convictions and DUI convictions in other states also count if they occurred during the 10 year window.

Penalties for second and third DUIs vary from case to case, as well as from county to county. Punishment will also be impacted by factors such as your BAC level, whether you had a suspended license or were on probation, the amount of time between the offenses, and other aggravating circumstances. These factors can increase the severity of penalties. Generally, you can expect the following:

Second DUI

  • 4 days – 6 months in jail
  • 3 – 5 years’ probation
  • Fines, court fees, and other expenses
  • 2-year license suspension
  • Court-mandated DUI course for 18 – 30 months

Third DUI

  • 120 days – 1 year in jail
  • 3 -5 years’ probation
  • Fines, court fees, and other expenses
  • Court-mandated DUI course for 30 months
  • 3-year license suspension

Driver’s Licenses Suspension for Multiple DUI in California

Drivers convicted of a second or third DUI face lengthy license suspensions. However, they may be able to obtain a restricted license after serving a portion of the suspension, and may be required to obtain an ignition interlock device as a condition of receiving their restricted driver’s license.

Our team represents clients during both their criminal case and at DMV hearings, which are separate proceedings from those in criminal court. It is important to note that if you wish to protect your driving privileges following an arrest, you need to request a hearing with the DMV within 10 days. Our firm can immediately do so on your behalf when you make the decision to call out team as soon as you can.

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