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Injured while riding a bike?

Regardless if a helmet is worn or not, people who are involved in bicycle accidents usually sustain bad injuries. Collisions with cars, pavement, rails or other cyclists and pedestrians can cause severe injuries. Cyclists often face head traumas, spinal injuries, broken bones, abrasions and sometimes even death. If you have been hit by a car while on your bike, there are a few things you can do before contacting a lawyer who can assist you in gaining all the compensation you deserve.

  • Notify emergency services right away and if you are not critically injured, try not to move too much after the crash.
  • Do not discuss any issues of the accident with the driver because anything you say can be used against you by the driver's insurance.
  • Remember everything that the driver says and do not let the driver leave the scene.
  • If someone else is with you, have them take the license plate, make and model of the car to note and collect the names and statements of witnesses that saw the crash.

Speak with a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Los Angeles Today

You may wish to make a claim to the driver's insurance company, but you may wish to speak with an attorney first. Also, if the crash involved a single rider, uneven pavement or poor signage you may have a valid personal injury case as well.