Securities Fraud

Stock, Investment and Securities Fraud

Dealing With Your Securities Fraud Case

Also known as commodities fraud, securities fraud can occur when an individual or corporate entity persuades an investor to purchase or sell company stock using false or misleading information, resulting in financial loss. Securities fraud is an umbrella term that encompasses a wide range of securities law violations that can include:

  • Embezzlement by stockbrokers
  • Stock manipulation
  • Incorrect financial reports of public companies
  • Misleading corporate auditors
  • Insider trading, front running and other illegal acts in stock exchange

Any illegal activity involving the deception of stockholders or the manipulation of financial markets can be charged as a securities fraud crime. This includes fraudulent activity concerned with any of the following tradable assets:

  • Equity securities (stocks or shares)
  • Debt securities (bonds, banknotes or cash)
  • Derivative contracts (futures, options, swaps or forwards)

Some of the most common investment fraud schemes involve senior securities fraud, promissory notes, unlicensed insurance agents, internet fraud, mutual funds, and variable annuities. The federal justice system takes these charges extremely serious and is determined to protect the integrity of the commodities market and the rights of victims. As a result, the FBI constantly monitors illegal activity in the markets and is intent on increasing convictions and punishment relating to securities fraud.

Defending Securities Fraud Allegations

You must consult a Los Angeles securities fraud crime attorney as soon as you believe you are under suspicion or are being charged with securities misconduct. The FBI seeks some of the stiffest punishments for securities fraud because such fraudulent schemes can greatly affect the condition of the national economy. In order to avoid or lessen penalties that can include permanent criminal records, large fines, imprisonment up to 20 years or both, contact Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP today. Our firm has the experience, credibility and resourceful defense skills to take on such complex federal crimes.

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