Medical Marijuana in Los Angeles

Medical Marijuana: State Crimes vs. Federal Crimes

The controversy and debate over medical marijuana rages on. In 2005, the Supreme Court ruled that the US Congress has the right to arrest and prosecute individuals and groups involved in the production and use of home-grown cannabis even when the state has legalized its medicinal use. This means that an individual could be in compliance with state law in terms of possession or cultivation of marijuana but in violation of federal laws and could be arrested and charged with federal crimes.

Not only are federal crimes usually more serious with more serious penalties than state crimes, but many attorneys are not equipped to handle federal cases. The federal justice system is different than the state and if you are being charged with any type of drug crime, you will want a Los Angeles medical marijuana defense attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling federal cases as well as state. The laws and regulations concerning medical marijuana need to be well-understood by your lawyer. The ever-changing climate of medical marijuana cases can make it easy for the inexperienced to make mistakes costly to your future.

Drug Crimes Lawyer in Los Angeles

At our firm we have years of experience representing clients in cases like this. We have an established reputation as effective trial lawyers. Depending on your circumstances we will most likely try to have the charges dismissed or dropped completely. If, however, it is necessary to take it all the way to trial, you can be confident that you will be strongly represented. We always seek the best possible outcome aggressively for our clients.

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