Sexual Harassment Law & The Fair Employment and Housing Act

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) is one of the primary pieces of legislation that protects California employees and applicants from sexual harassment in the workplace. Under FEHA, sexual harassment is defined as any type of unwanted and unwelcome behavior – or attention of a sexual nature – that negatively affects a victim's ability to function in their professional or personal life. Typically, the most common types of sexual harassment cases involve:

  • Situations where an employee is fired or demoted – known as an adverse employment action – as a result of refusing sexual advances or for complaining about the harassment.
  • Employees who quit because of the sexual harassment and hostile work environment.
  • Employees who are subjected to a hostile work environment, including unwanted sexual advances or unwanted verbal, visual, or physical conduct.

Although cases may be similar, sexual harassment can take various forms. Ultimately, however, victims of sexual harassment in the workplace have a right to assert their rights and hold responsible individuals accountable for their misconduct.

Employer Responsibility and Liability

Employers may be held responsible for failing to prevent or stop sexual harassment, especially if they knew – or should have reasonably known – that such harassment was taking place. Holding employers liable for damages can provide victims with justice and full compensation, and can play a role in ensuring that policy changes are made to protect employees from harassment in the future.

Working with Proven Santa Barbara Sexual Harassment Attorneys

While the law protects sexual harassment victims and provides pathways for obtaining justice and compensation, the legal procedures involved can be difficult, especially during emotionally difficult times. As such, working with experienced sexual harassment lawyers who can guide you personally through the legal process is of crucial importance.

At Santa Barbara Injury Law Group, we are prepared to immediately review your case and determine whether you may be eligible to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Our legal team is experienced in handling these types of cases, and has just recently secured a $410,000 settlement in a workplace harassment case. Trust in proven attorneys who are passionate about helping clients obtain justice.

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