Cal State Fullerton Coach Killed in Irvine Double Homicide

Police found the bodies of a 28-year-old woman (M.Q.) and her boyfriend in a parked car near an upscale condo after they had been shot to death Sunday night. The woman was identified as the assistant coach for the women's basketball team at Cal State Fullerton. Police are investigating the double homicide, but news sources have failed to identify any suspects or reason behind the crime. "The loss of any member of the (victim's) family causes our community great grief, but the loss of one of our own under these circumstances is indeed tragic and heart-wrenching," said the school's president.

M.Q. moved into the condo with her boyfriend recently and was in her second season as assistance coach. The crime has left other residents of the condo building wondering about their own safety. "We moved here because it was so safe," said one woman, "Irvine was the safest city in America." No gunshots were reported in the area on Sunday night; the crime was reported after a witness saw the victims slumped over in the parked car. According to residents, entry into the parking structure is protected by a key-code and monitored by security cameras.

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