Los Angeles Man Faces Felony DUI Charges After Injuring Holiday Light Spectators

A 28-year-old Los Angeles man is facing Felony DUI charges after he injured 13 people - including 7 pedestrians - who were looking at holiday light displays in Alhambra. The accident occurred yesterday evening - Sunday, December 14 - shortly after 8:30 p.m. According to officials from the Alhambra police department, the man had crossed over the center yellow lines and collided with two occupied vehicles in the southbound lanes. The vehicle then struck several pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Police reported that evening that the crash occurred in the 300 block of Fremont Avenue as a number of pedestrians were viewing Christmas lights at local residences. A total of 13 victims were injured and 11 were taken to local hospitals for treatment. The driver was also transported to the hospital before being taken into custody.

Authorities have charged the 28-year-old driver with felony DUI and are continuing their investigation. After releasing the suspect's name, it was discovered that the man had a history of DUI and driving offenses on his record. In February of 2013, he was convicted of DUI. That same year in November, he was also convicted for DUI hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license.

Felony DUI Charges: Causing Injury

Although the investigation is still pending, authorities have stated that the man has been booked for felony DUI charges resulting from the injuries he caused. In California, intoxicated drivers who cause injury to victims can face felony allegations and serious penalties. These penalties can increase significantly when multiple victims are injured. The man's previous history of DUI may also likely play a role, as authorities state that he was on DUI probation.

The case will take some time to progress, but if it does move forward, it is likely that the man will face very severe penalties, including a lengthy sentence of imprisonment. Enhanced sentences are common in DUI cases that involve multiple DUIs, DUI probation, and accidents that cause injury and death. They also demand the attention of seasoned and experienced DUI attorneys.