Three Things to Learn from Justin Bieber's DUI

Only hours after law enforcement arrested Justin Bieber for drunk driving and drag racing, the young pop star posted bail for $2,500 and blew his fans a kiss as he left the courthouse Thursday afternoon. While the singer's smiling mug shot seems to indicate a nonchalant attitude toward his arrest, there are several important lessons that others can glean from the incident.

  1. Exercise your constitutional right to remain silent. If you are facing a DUI investigation or arrest, you don't have answer incriminating questions about yourself. During the course of his arrest, Bieber allegedly told police that he had prescription medication, alcohol, and prescription medication in his system. BAC testing indicated that his blood alcohol content was .04. Since Bieber is underage, .04 is enough alcohol to prompt an arrest for drunk driving.
  2. Cooperate. Just because you don't have answer questions doesn't mean you can be uncooperative. As demonstrated by Bieber's encounter with police around 4:00am Thursday morning, even the slightest act of agitation could lead a "resisting arrest" accusation. According to the arresting officer, Bieber was uncooperative because he "wouldn't take his hands out of his pockets."
  3. Prescription drugs and marijuana can lead to a DUI. Most people think the term "DUI" only refers to driving under the influence of alcohol. In reality, driving under the influence of any controlled substance is unlawful. This includes illicit drugs like pot and prescription drugs like Xanax and antihistamines. According to news reports, Bieber told police that he consumed alcohol, pot, and prescription drugs.

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