Avoiding Trouble at a DUI Checkpoint

On occasion, police will set up DUI checkpoints to facilitate the discovery and arrest of intoxicated drivers. If you are approaching a checkpoint after having had some alcohol, you may be concerned about running the risk of arrest. In most cases, you can limit your chance of receiving a drinking and driving charge by following these precautions:

Turn around.
If you can do so without violating any traffic laws, you are free to avoid a checkpoint by turning around and taking another route. Keep in mind that an officer can still pull you over if they observe any driving habits that seem related to driving under the influence.

Make sure your vehicle is in line with legal standards.
Even if you are trying to avoid a checkpoint, a police officer may stop your vehicle if he/she notices problems with your tail lights, head lights, or other important issues. Take preventative action by ensuring that your car is in working order before you leave the house, and don't forget to turn your head lights on at night.

Drive safely.
Following traffic laws and exhibiting caution as a driver can help you greatly, whether you decide to continue through a checkpoint or avoid it altogether. Officers are trained to keep an eye out for poor driving, and may view any suspicious activity as a sign of drunkenness.

Don't drink and drive.
Of course, the easiest way to make it through a checkpoint is to keep from drinking and driving. This will allow you to approach any DUI checkpoint with confidence, and will save you the time that you might have spent trying to find a new route home.

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