Truck Accident Causes: Unsecure Cargo

Commercial trucks are massive machines that place everyone on public roads at risk. When commercial trucks are involved in traffic accidents, serious injuries and fatalities are common. Because trucks are so dangerous, the trucking industry is heavily regulated by state and federal governments – and truck drivers and truck companies are expected to do everything possible to ensure their vehicles pose as little risk as possible to the general public.

The federal trucking regulations in place dictate hundreds of rules that trucking companies and truck drivers must follow. These rules include regulations for the amount of time truck drivers can spend on the road, as well as regulations for vehicle maintenance. Because unsecure and improperly loaded cargo presents a hazard on our roadways, there are also strict laws in place to make sure commercial trucks carry cargo as safely as possible.

Trucking companies and truck drivers are responsible for ensuring that cargo is properly secured on their vehicle at all times. These are known as cargo securement rules and they must be followed carefully. Unfortunately, due to tight shipping schedules and other deadlines, this is not always the case. An improperly secured shipment can come loose and cause dangerous conditions for other drivers on the road.

Cargo Securement Rules

While transporting materials, truckers are required to ensure that all materials have been properly balanced and secured on their vehicle. If they fail to perform regular inspections of their cargo, previously secured materials can shift and become displaced. Heavy supplies, such as metal or concrete piping, lumber, large containers, and other materials, become extremely hazardous to other drivers the moment they are dislodged from a truck. Specific types of materials may also have specific rules for securement.

At Santa Barbara Injury Law Group, our personal injury lawyers are committed to helping injured truck accident victims and their families fight back against trucking companies and truck drivers who fail to follow federal trucking rules, including rules for cargo securement. We are prepared to thoroughly investigate truck accidents to determine what caused the accident and how we can help victims secure the compensation they deserve.

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