Venice High School Students Face Sexual Assault Allegations

In a case that broke earlier this month, a number of students from Venice High School were taking into custody after law enforcement officials received complaints regarding sexual assaults involving students. The initial arrests of 10 male students took place on Friday March 13. The boys, who range between 14 and 17, were taken into custody under suspicion that they were involved in a serious of sex crimes which began over a year ago. Two additional students were arrested, and two more have yet to be located.

Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department have noted that the sex crimes began in December 2013 and involved consensual and non-consensual sex acts both on and off campus. They also noted that because some of the individuals involved were minors who are not legally able to give consent, the students involved can still face a range of criminal charges.

Campus Sexual Assault

The arrests made at Venice High School send a reminder to everyone that law enforcement officials have made sexual assaults involving students a top priority. These cases, especially when they involve minors, involve a number of complex criminal laws. They also require meticulous investigation.

Although cases involving college campus sexual assault have been widely publicized and discussed, cases involving high school students are not as common. Still, the stakes are just as real, and they can threaten the freedoms and futures of young individuals.

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