Preparing for El Niño and Wet Weather Driving

The rain is on its ways to Southern California and many local residents are making preparations for what is slated to be a much rainier season that usual. With the coming of El Niño, this season could see record-setting rainfall, torrential downpours, and weather that impacts our daily life. What’s more, the rain and other weather conditions can also negatively impact the safety of our roads, and place everyone at risk of suffering harm in a variety of traffic accidents.

Southern Californian’s don’t have the greatest reputation for driving in wet weather, largely because many motorists are simply not used to doing so. With El Niño possibly making roads slippery for weeks at a time, it’s important for everyone to prepare accordingly, and to know how to drive safely in the rain.

Because rain and wet weather is a leading cause of car accidents, our personal injury lawyers at Santa Barbara Injury Law Group want to provide some essential tips to help area motorists drive safely:

  • Be prepared – Always be prepared before hitting the road by taking a look at the forecast and planning accordingly when storms are expected, especially if storms are severe. Depending on the situation, you may choose to leave earlier or delay a trip is the conditions aren’t safe.
  • Pack a kit – Experts recommend that you pack a kit of essential supplies in your case in case poor weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances cause delays. These kits can include first aid materials, extra food and water, matches, warm clothing, and more.
  • Increase following distance and slow down – During wet weather, the risks for accidents increase substantially. As such, it is important to slow down and increase your following distance. Doing so will give you time to react should the unexpected happen.
  • Drive sober and without distraction – Driving in wet weather is dangerous enough without all of your faculties. Remember to always drive sober and to drive without distractions. Not seeing a car ahead stopping or skidding because you were looking at your phone places you and others around you in danger.

At Santa Barbara Injury Law Group, we hope everyone drives safely this winter. Although we know that dangerous weather conditions are unavoidable, we firmly believe negligence behind the wheel is not. As such, we’re available 24/7 to help victims throughout Santa Barbara and beyond who have been injured as a result of another’s conduct in all types of auto accidents.

If you have questions about your rights after a traffic accident, call our Santa Barbara car accident lawyers today for a free case evaluation.