TMZ's Harvey Levin talks with Lessem, Newstate & Tooson

Attorney J. Tooson, who is currently representing Suge Knight in his 2015 murder case and lawsuit against Chris Brown, has recently contacted Lifetime with warnings not to defame the former music executive in his ex-wife’s upcoming biopic film, The Michel’le Story. The purpose of these warnings is to ensure that Suge is accurately portrayed in the film and that the network refrain from including certain aspects of his life.

Mr. Tooson told TMZ that his warning was simple – Mr. Knight has certain rights of privacy that should be protected, and he expects that those rights will be honored by the filmmakers. According to Mr. Tooson, defamation will not be tolerated at any level.

First announced in April, The Michel’le Story will document Michel’le’s R&B career and her relationship with Mr. Knight. The film is still in production and Lifetime has not yet set a release date.