Attorney J. Tooson’s appearance on Fox 44 News

J. Tooson Appears on Fox 44 News to Discuss First Trial of Biker Involved in 2015 Waco Shootout

essem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP Partner J. Tooson recently appeared on Fox 44 News to discuss the first trial of a biker involved in the deadly May 2015 shootout in Waco, Texas. The trial of Jacob Carrizal, President of the Dallas chapter of the Bandidos motorcycle group, began this month in connection to a shootout that involved two rival motorcycle groups – the Bandidos and the Cossacks – outside of a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. The event resulted in 9 deaths, over 20 injured victims, and the arrests of nearly 200 bikers.

Recognized for his experience handling high profile criminal cases across Southern California, J. Tooson shared his insight on recent developments in the trial of Carrizal. This includes the recusal of the first presiding judge during the pre-trial process. As Attorney Tooson notes, recusals are critical for defense attorneys who believe bias in a judge’s background would prevent them from ruling fairly on the evidence and determining what would come before the jury. For prosecutors who believe a judge is aligned with their side, recusals would be something to fight aggressively in order for the judge to remain on the case.

Attorney Tooson’s interview on Fox 44 News highlights the important task criminal defense attorneys have in ensuring their clients are treated fairly under the law, especially during the pre-trial process, where motions, jury selection, and judge recusals can set the tone for criminal trials and have an impact on the trajectory and outcome of a case. Just as he does for our firm’s clients in their own cases, Attorney Tooson carefully considers not only strategic defense work, but also the principles of our criminal justice system and the rights of defendants at all phases of the process.

You can view Attorney J. Tooson’s appearance on Fox 44 News below: