Do Police Need a Warrant to Arrest Me?

Many people do not understand the full extent of what law enforcement can or cannot do. This confusion can lead to significant errors which can land you in significant trouble with the police.  However, there are some gray areas which every citizen should understand in order to protect their rights. You may be under the false impression you cannot be arrested unless police present you a signed warrant with your name on it, though this is not the case.

A warrant is a legal document which authorizes law enforcement to essentially violate your Constitutional rights. An arrest warrant must be signed and approved by a judge in order to be valid in the eyes of the law. A warrant signifies a police officer has probable cause that you engaged in criminal activity and has provided accurate affidavits to justify your arrest. With a warrant, police can arrest you even if your name isn’t specified. This also grants them the right to search you and the immediate surrounding area, though not your home or vehicle.

However, law enforcement does not need a warrant to arrest you if they believe there is probable cause to suggest you are or are about to commit a crime. This is most commonly exercised when there is a suspected DUI.

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