4 Common Premises Liability Cases

At Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP, we proudly represent clients who have suffered devastating injuries caused by unsafe property conditions. We are familiar with these types of cases and know which legal strategies are necessary to prove negligence so that our clients can recover maximum compensation for their damages. In this blog, we discuss four common premises liability cases that we handle at our firm.

#1: Lack of Maintenance

Property owners are required to take necessary precautions to prevent other people from being harmed on their land. This means that property owners have a duty to inspect their premises and to make any reasonable repairs in areas that pose a potential risk for injury. If a property owner is aware of a maintenance issue, it must be remedied, otherwise, the property owner can be held liable if an injury occurs.

#2: Dog & Other Types of Animal Bites

Pet owners are generally liable for injuries inflicted by their animals, unless the incident didn’t happen on the pet owner’s property, or if the injured party was partially at fault. If the animal was defending itself or another human being, then the pet owner likely won’t be liable for injuries. However, if the pet owner violated local leash laws or left their property gates open, it may amount to negligence.

#3: Slip & Fall Cases

Conditions on a property that result in slip and fall accidents, like a cracked sidewalk, damaged floor, obscured hole, or missing step/stair, can result in liability for injuries if the property owner was aware of the dangerous condition.

#4: Inadequate Security

Property owners can be held liable for security issues that fail to prevent crimes resulting in injury. If the incident occurred in an area with a high crime rate, then it can be argued that security measures should have been in place to prevent the incident. Poor lighting conditions that a property owner fails to repair can also be grounds for inadequate security if a crime occurs.

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