Most Common Car Accident Injuries & How to Avoid Them

At Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP, our team of personal injury attorneys know firsthand that car accidents can result in devastating injuries that can impact you long into the future. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 3 million Americans are injured each year in motor vehicle accidents. Below, we discuss the most common injuries that drivers, passengers, and pedestrians sustain in car accidents and explain what you can do to avoid them.

#1: Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries occur when there is connective tissue damage to the muscles, ligaments, or tendons during an accident. Whiplash is an example of a common soft tissue injury that people sustain in car accidents. Whiplash occurs when the head and neck muscles are stretched due to sudden and violent movement during a collision.

#2: Chest Injuries

Chest injuries like contusions and bruises are also possible during a collision. Severe chest injuries like broken ribs and damaged internal organs are commonly sustained by drivers because of the limited amount of space between their chest and the steering wheel. Seatbelts and airbags can also cause serious bruising to the chest during impact.

#3: Back Injuries

Back injuries like ruptured discs, pinched nerves, and herniated discs can be excruciatingly painful and often occur during motor vehicle collisions, particularly rear-end collisions. The symptoms of back injuries can also be slow to show up after an accident. Additionally, the pain and subsequent disability from a serious back injury can be long-lasting.

#4: Internal Injuries

During an accident, the force of the crash can push the body of drivers and passengers into various objects and debris in the vehicle, causing serious internal injuries like internal bleeding, liver and kidney damage, and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

#5: Fractures & Broken Bones

Broken legs, ribs, arms, ankles, and wrists are often the result of the unnatural, sudden directional changes that occur during an accident. Drivers and passengers who are sitting in the front seat also tend to hit their knees beneath the dashboard. The severity of the fracture or bone break depends on the force exerted on the bone.

How to Avoid Serious Car Accidents

Keep the following tips in mind the next time you are behind the wheel if you want to avoid a serious accident:

  • Pull into traffic slowly and be aware of blind spots in the rear-view mirrors and behind windshield pillars.
  • Look for vehicles that might run a red light before entering an intersection.
  • Reduce in-car distractions while you are driving, such as changing radio stations, talking on a cell phone, eating, or taking your hands off the wheel.
  • Never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Abide by posted speed limits
  • Always look for signs and obey the right-of-way before you make a turn.

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