Common Causes of Electric Scooter Accidents

The substantial boom in the use of electric scooters over the past few years has also brought with it a rise in accidents related to sharable scooters. Although riding an electric scooter can be a fun activity and also a convenient, fuel-efficient way to travel, the injuries sustained in electric scooter accidents can leave people with devastating physical and emotional trauma, as well as costly financial damages. Below, we discuss some of the most common causes of electric scooter accidents that you need to be aware of to avoid serious injury.

#1: Dangerous Left Turns

Electric scooters heading straight down the road are commonly hit by another vehicle suddenly making a left turn immediately in front of them. Drivers in this type of accident often claim the scooter operator wasn’t visible or that they didn’t see them on the road. At night, the small headlight on an electric scooter makes it appear farther away than it actually is. As a result, drivers sometimes think they have more time to safely complete the left turn than they really do.

#2: Scooter Malfunction

Electric scooter companies like Bird and Lime have thousands of scooters in use in cities all across the United States. These companies also are not very explicit about the rules and regulations regarding these devices. Common malfunctions with an electric scooter that can lead to an accident include faulty brakes, damaged handlebars, flat tires, and electronic motor issues.

#3: Splitting Lanes with Other Motorists

Electric scooter riders sometimes engage in lane splitting without realizing how dangerous it is. Lane splitting is when a scooter goes in between slowed or stopped traffic by sharing other drivers’ lanes. Lane splitting is a common practice in intersections and roads with heavily congested traffic. From drivers veering into electric scooters to riders being hit by open doors as they zig-zag between lanes, lane splitting is a risky activity that can result in catastrophic injuries.

#4: Other Drivers Blind Spots

Electric scooter operators need to be cautious of other drivers’ blind spots. E-scooters can easily be hidden in another driver’s blind spot. This is particularly an issue if you are traveling on a road with semi-trucks, which can have blind spots that stretch as long as 20 to 30 feet along the side of the vehicle.

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