Gun Crime Charges Against Superstar Rapper Latto Dismissed

Superstar rapper Latto was arrested in May 2021 for carrying a loaded firearm into the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) while on her way to Atlanta. She was charged with carrying a loaded firearm and possession of a concealed weapon, two gun crime charges that could have resulted in heavy criminal penalties. Thanks to Attorney Jamal Tooson of Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP, though, the charges against Latto have been officially dismissed.

Fans of Latto first heard about the gun crime charges in her popular track Boom Pt. 2, in which she says she was “locked up in the airport” for “[forgetting] the gun.” Attorney Tooson was able to convince the court to approve a diversion program with the chance of the charges being dismissed largely based on the fact that Latto did not intend to bring the firearm to LAX. In some criminal defense cases, the intent of the accused can dramatically affect how the case progresses.

Attorney Tooson was quoted as saying, “I am extremely pleased with the outcome and glad my client can move forward with her flourishing career.”

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