Justin Bieber Pleads "Not Guilty" to DUI Allegations

After Miami law enforcement arrested Justin Bieber for drunk driving, drag racing, and resisting arrest last week, the Canadian-born pop singer pled "not guilty" to the allegation held against him. News sources report that Bieber entered the plea Wednesday. He is scheduled to reappear in court for his arraignment in mid-February.

According to law enforcement, Bieber admitted that he drank beer, ingested marijuana, and took prescription medication before he got behind the wheel. Additionally, law enforcement alleged that the 19-year-old failed field sobriety testing.

The case may not be as cut and dry as it looks, though. Police arrested Bieber around 4:00am after they pulled him over speeding in a yellow Lamborghini that Bieber borrow from an exotic car rental company. According to the companies over, the GPS device in the vehicle didn't show the vehicle going faster than 55mph in the fifteen minutes before the arrest.

Although Bieber failed his field sobriety test, he blew a .011 and .014 when police administered Breathalyzer testing. In Florida, the legal BAC limit for an underage driver is .02., and Bieber was safely under this percentage.

If convicted, the pop star could spend up to six months in jail.

Possible Defenses for Justin Bieber's DUI

Facing a DUI charge is never easy. If you were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may feel hopeless. Drunk driving charges aren't as simple as they seem, though.

On the one hand, Justin Bieber's recent DUI arrest may look like an easy win for prosecutors. According to law enforcement, he failed field sobriety tests and admitted to taking prescription medication, drinking beer, and consuming marijuana. After the young pop singer pleaded "not guilty," you might wonder how he could possibly escape a conviction. A closer look at the reported facts surrounding the case reveals a several solid defense plans that Bieber could use to avoid a conviction.

Field Sobriety Tests Aren't Always Accurate

Police allege that Justin failed field sobriety testing; however, these tests are not always accurate. Many of them rely on balance and coordination that a clumsy person would find difficult. Other factors, such as exhaustion, would make it difficult for even a sober person to pass a field sobriety test.

His BAC Was Under the Legal Limit

While just claimed that he consumed alcohol before driving, his Breathalyzer test results were clearly under the legal limit.

The Rental Company Believes he Wasn't Speeding

Bieber wasn't pulled over for driving drunk. Law enforcement conducted the initial traffic stop to cite him for speeding. According to the car's owner, an exotic car rental company in Miami, Bieber's yellow Lamborghini didn't exceed 55mph before police arrested him.

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