Justin Bieber Vandalism Case "Tightening Up," Detectives Say

CNN Entertainment reports that detectives are "tightening up" an alleged felony vandalism case against Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. Earlier this month, Bieber's neighbor told police that the 19-year-old caused $20,000 in damage by throwing eggs over a fence onto the nearby mansion.

Law enforcement raided Bieber's house and seized a security video as evidence. A prosecutor reviewed the footage Monday, and police will continue to investigate the alleged crime.

Bieber could face felony vandalism charges.

According to Lt. David Thomson of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, detectives are "tightening up the case." Detectives will reconvene with prosecutors next week to determine if Bieber faces any charges for the alleged vandalism.

Even if Bieber avoids these charges, he still faces DUI allegations for an arrest in Miami last week. According to police, Bieber's breath tests showed .011 and .014 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

Both of these results are under the legal limit for minor drivers in Florida (.02%), but police claim that Bieber failed his field sobriety tests and admitted to smoking pot, drinking beer, and taking prescription drugs before driving. Police also claim that Bieber resisted arrest and was driving with an expired license. No court date is schedule for the singer to return to court.

Officers originally pulled Bieber over for speeding, but his criminal charges do not include this offense. Bieber drove a yellow Lamborghini from an exotic rental car company when he was arrested. The head of the rental company told news sources that the pop star did not exceed 55 mph in the fifteen minutes before his arrest, as indicated by a GPS tracking system in the vehicle.

Combined with Breathalyzer evidence, the GPS tracking system could serve as a useful defense against Bieber's DUI charges.