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Jared of Subway to Plead Guilty on Charges of Child Pornography

Previously morbidly obese Jared Fogle became the face of Subway after he committed his life to losing a significant amount of weight and contributing his success to eating veggie and turkey sandwiches. In 1998, while attending Indiana University, Fogle reached the weight of 425 pounds. In efforts to change his life, Fogle began consuming sandwiches as part of his mission to lose weight. After losing 245 pounds, Subway made Fogle the face of their chain where he gained immediate recognition.

Recently, Fogle has been accused of possessing child pornography as well as child molestation. Investigations began when one woman notified the FBI of a disturbing conversation she had with Fogle. In July, police officers and agents commanded by Indiana’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force flooded Fogle’s home. In the process, agents confiscated computers, media storage devices, SD cards, DVDs, and document. With these pieces of property, they recovered masses of evidence that proved Fogle’s guiltiness. Additionally, prosecutors came forth with over 150,000 text messages, over tens of thousands of photos and videos that provided further incriminating evidence.

The investigation continued and agents recovered information that revealed one of Fogle’s closest friends who has provided Fogle with nude photos of minors. Further discoveries proved that along with child pornography, Fogle partipated in numerous affairs with underage children. Additionally, much information showed that he had crossed state lines where he would pay teenage girls for sex.

Undoubtedly, Subway and Fogle’s relationship was immediately suspended when investigations began. It has been reported that Fogle will plead guilty for both his child pornography and child molestation offenses. This plea could result in Fogle to serving 5 to 12 years and 6 months in prison.. Fogle will be considered a registered sex offender for the remainder of his life.

Katie Fogle states that while she was shocked to hear such devastating news, her main concern was for the safety and wellbeing of her children. Fogle’s wife and two kids have separated from him and will resume their lives without him.

Aside from the prison sentence he will have to face, the remainder of Jared Fogle’s life has been affected forever. Child pornography and child molestation accusations are amongst the most severe. They have the ability to affect a person’s financial, personal, and professional life. In cases such as these, only an experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to have these charges and penalties reduced.