Should 18-Year-Olds Be Allowed to Drive Interstate Commercial Trucks?

Statistics show that by 2017, there may be over 250,000 unfilled trucker positions. This has led trucking companies scrounging for drivers. Of course, there has been much discussion as to how this problem will be addressed. Recently, Congress has seriously considered allowing 18-year-olds to drive these 80,000-pound big rigs between states despite safety advocates of the U.S. trucking industry expressing their concern for disaster if the law is passed.

As of now, 48 states allow 18-year-old drivers to operate these vehicles within state boundaries so long as they not cross state boundaries. This has led representatives from the American Trucking Association to speak out and suggest that these young adults be permitted to practice nationally. Representatives from these associations believe this could be the answer to the problem that increases every year. By allowing 18-year-old drivers to practice throughout the country, the unfilled trucker positions may decrease. However, in these states, these young truck drivers are four to six times more likely to be involved in fatal accidents.

Many believe that if this law is passed, America will face much detriment resulting from avoidable trucking accidents due to inexperienced truck drivers. In fact, in 2012, 60 percent of deaths among passenger vehicles were causes by drivers between the ages of 16 to 19. With such a terrifying statistic, many fear that these young drivers will create excessive danger on freeways and highways throughout the U.S.

Although statistics regarding unfilled trucker positions will decrease, will the safety of others who share the roads with these young drivers increase? Will it be worth it? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that no matter what kind of training or regulations these young truck drivers are to undergo, the safety of others will be at stake due to inexperience. The association believes that there is no proof that graduated licensing will reduce the dangers of such drivers.

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