Don’t Post on Social Media After Your Injury

Something about the way the world is in 2019 makes us volunteer private details of our lives like never before. While we used to guard our privacy with all we have, Internet culture has changed the way we view communication, privacy, and everything in between. Social media is so present in our daily lives that it almost feels impossible to let go of, though there is no better advice we at Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP can give you to prevent potentially sabotaging your own case.

When you are in the middle of or about to file a lawsuit, it can feel as though there is little under your control. Social media happens to be one thing you have absolute autonomy over, and it is advised you practice the art of restraint when it comes to posting online. Following an injury caused due to no fault of your own, everything you publicize is up for inspection by the opposition.

You May Unintentionally Incriminate Yourself

If you send a Tweet expressing frustration about the accident, it can be misconstrued as accepting blame for the incident. Posting a photo with your family at the beach may suggest you are not as injured as you claim. As you can see, the possibilities for manipulation are endless. This is why it is best to remove yourself from the context entirely. Even if your accounts are private, consider ceasing to update them until your case is over.

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