Preparing For Your Deposition

Personal injury lawsuits very rarely go to trial. Determining fault in these requires extensive investigations to avoid a lawsuit and settle out of court. At some point in your personal injury case, you will likely have a deposition during which the opposition’s lawyers will question you on the incident you are filing a claim for. This is an attempt to corner you into saying something to weaken your claim. Facing rapid-fire questions from an unrelenting insurance adjuster or attorney can be quite an intimidating task, though it doesn’t have to be.

Your deposition can determine the course of your case’s outcome. Consider the following tips as you prepare:

  1. Take your time when providing a response. There is no timer on how quickly you have to respond so make sure every answer is thoughtful, honest, and to the point. Don’t forget you are being recorded so your words will be reviewed later.
  2. Be professional no matter how personal or uncomfortable the questions may get. Dress clean, show up on time, and show respect to everyone in the room. Keep in mind the defense lawyer is going to try to make you contradict yourself or display bad behavior. Proceed with caution.
  3. Don’t provide excessive details. Your lawyer may cross-examine you later, providing you the chance to further explain any significant points.
  4. Do not answer questions you do not fully understand. Ask for clarification when needed.
  5. Remember, this is your testimony. No one can make you say something you don’t want to.

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