Avoid Injuries by Driving Safely Through Construction Zones

Car accidents are a leading cause of many personal injuries in the U.S., especially in California, a state that is known to harbor some of the worst traffic in the world. As if there aren’t already obstacles that can cause accidents on the road, freeways are always under construction, creating additional dangers for both drivers and construction site workers. Construction zones have different speed limits that aren’t always obeyed, and slowed traffic can create accidents if drivers don’t have enough time to stop.

However, car, truck, and motorcycle drivers must always be prepared to enter construction zones. The right amount of preparation and alertness can prevent accidents that result in injuries including broken bones, head and brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis.

Tips for Driving Safely in Construction Zones

Below are important reminders to consider while you’re driving through construction zones in order to protect the safety of you, your passengers, and construction workers.

Pay attention to signs

Before you enter construction zones, there may be signs letting you know when they’re approaching, as well as the speed limits and any detours offered. Traffic lanes may also be blocked off. It’s important to not be distracted while driving so you can pay attention to the signs and act accordingly.

Slow down

Work zones often set lower speed limits in order to protect the safety of construction workers and vehicles working closely to freeway lanes. Traffic is also generally slow in construction zones, because fines are doubled if you’re caught speeding. If you’re going fast, you may not have enough time to brake before hitting slow traffic, which can result in you rear-ending other cars and putting nearby workers in harm’s way.

Use your blinkers

While it’s always important to signal before changing lanes or exiting the freeway, it’s especially important in construction zones because certain lanes may close off and require drivers to merge. Always signal at least three seconds before moving over, not right when you do it.

High Quality Representation

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