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If you are facing criminal charges in the Burbank area, the legal team at Lessem, Newstat & Tooson, LLP can help you. We have achieved the highest peer review rating from Martindale-Hubbell, or preeminent in our area of practice. We have served at over 200 jury trials and have achieved hundreds of case dismissals. With over 50 years of combined experience, our professional defense team is recognized as one of the top defense law firms in the Burbank area. No matter what charges you are facing, felony or misdemeanor, who you select as your defense counsel is extremely important. It is well known throughout the legal community that the quality of a defense attorney is the most significant factor in the final outcome of a criminal case. When you need to have confidence that your Burbank criminal defense lawyer will do everything possible to defend your case, both in negotiations and at trial, we are the firm to call.

Criminal Lawyer in Burbank

We are focused on criminal defense, and are highly qualified to defend federal crimes. We are familiar with the federal court system and how to navigate the process for the benefit of our clients. If you are charged with DUI or the serious felony offense of vehicular manslaughter, it is extremely urgent that you engage the services of our firm. We defend against all types of misdemeanor charges, as well as the most serious of all charges, murder.

If you have already been charged or are under investigation in a murder case, you need to contact our firm without delay, and prior to answering any questions. Those who are accused of a three strikes crime are in serious danger and we strongly advise that our firm gets involved before the case progresses any further. We also defend internet crimes, drug crimes, including possession, distribution, cultivation, and cases involving medical marijuana.

If you are hoping to get an expungement for a prior conviction or arrest, we should review your case so we can determine the best strategy to clean your criminal record. Those who are facing charges involving probation violations are facing the possibility of having to serve the sentence they avoided when they got probation. We know what to do to take action to assist you to get these issues under control.

Experience Makes the Difference in Court

If you are facing charges involving sex crimes including sexual assault or others, these difficult cases require the highest level of defense skill, and we urge you to move quickly to engage our legal team. A charge involving theft crimes, serious traffic offenses such as hit and run, violent crimes such as assault, battery or domestic violence, you are in great danger of spending extensive time in jail or prison. Your defense could not be more important. We also defend charges in white collar crimes such as credit card fraud and identity theft in state or federal court. Young people deserve the best in defense counsel, and we are proud to fight for the rights of young people in all types of juvenile crimes. We know how to use the mental health law at trial when our client has suffered mental illness problems that led to an arrest. There are often great advantages that can be gained by our prefile intervention in felony and misdemeanor charges. We take action to achieve any victory, any advantage and will fight for you every step of the way.

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