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Anyone facing criminal charges should act quickly in order to avoid serious penalties. Our firm has assisted individuals with many types of charges including: federal crimes, murder, vehicular manslaughter sex crimes and more. No matter how serious your charges may seem, there is still an effective defense that can be utilized. Our firm thoroughly reviews every case taken on. Our attorneys then analyze the best defense strategy and utilize over 50 years of combined experience to obtain a successful case outcome for their client. We are passionate about defending those that have been accused of a crime. When you need aggressive and experienced defense, speak with a Sylmar criminal defense attorney from our firm immediately.

If you have been accused of a crime, it is likely that you are very concerned about the possible penalties that you could be made to face. The prosecution and law enforcement will team up and attempt to convict you to the fullest extent. Obtaining a conviction may be the only thing on their mind. With the help of a skilled defense attorney the balance of the justice system may shift into your favor. Being charged with a crime is an extremely disturbing experience, especially when one is not guilty of the charges. In either case, the answer is aggressive legal representation. Our firm has obtained hundreds of dismissals and defended clients in over 200 jury trials. If you are facing charges for DUI, misdemeanor, three strikes, internet crimes, drug crimes, possession, distribution, cultivation, medical marijuana, expungement, probation violations, sexual assault, theft crimes, traffic offenses, hit and run, violent crimes, assault, battery, domestic violence, white collar crimes, credit card fraud, identity theft, or juvenile crimes please contact the firm today.

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Many people do not know what to do after being accused of a crime. The right thing to do is speak with an attorney that can immediately inform you of your rights and where you stand. We understand what you have at stake and how serious the penalties for serious charges can be. We work diligently to minimize the penalties and charges our clients are made to face. If we are unable to obtain a dismissal of the charges, we do everything in our power to mitigate the charges. Please speak with an attorney from the firm today so that you can fully understand your charges and your best course of action.

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